Top Drive Service Loops

drillship and jack-up rig top drive service loops

Fluid service loops for drillships and jack-up rigs across West Africa and South Asia

Cable Solutions has hit the ground running in 2023 with a string of top drive service loop orders from existing clients and new clients in new regions. Growth in 2022 saw new clients offer us the opportunity to demonstrate our service and product quality; we did this by delivering our products within time and budget to operators across the globe.

A number of factors has been responsible and helped us widen our profile. Reaching out and informing our audience regularly about our products has been our key strength. In Q4 of 2022, we spoke about how we provide OEM Quality top drive ...

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top drive service loops quality inspection

Quality inspection determines and verifies the quality level of our products and service

Quality control is at the heart of everything we do at Cable Solutions. It’s a set of in-house procedures we undertake to ensure our products and service conform to a defined set of quality criteria whilst meeting the specific requirements of our clients.

Graham Ross, Business Development Manager, commented - “Cable Solutions is delighted to deliver a 3 core 777MCM power loop to an existing client operating in the North Sea ...

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top drive service loops unconnectorised

Un-connectorised power loop for North Sea operator

This month we provided one of our long-standing clients with the fast turnaround of a 646MCM power loop. The North Sea operator was delighted to take delivery ahead of schedule, saving valuable time. The client’s platform is currently going through a maintenance program this summer before starting its next phase of drilling. Due to the work being carried out in the Derrick area and on their Aker top drive, the client asked for the power loop to be supplied unconnectorised this time around.

Graham Ross - Business Development Manager commented ... “It has to be said, we are very proud that our top drive service loops are in operation on hundreds of offshore and onshore ...

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top drive service loops become product of choice

OEM Quality top drive service loops become product of choice for Oil & Gas industry

Not surprisingly, it’s now becoming normal practice for contractors to place orders for OEM Quality top drive service loops. So what’s going on? The quality of a products manufacture and the overall cost to the client are deciding factors for sure, but proven in the field is also becoming a major consideration, after all, statistics speak volumes for any product in service! OEM top drive service loops are the official, genuine ...

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top drive service loop contracts awarded

Cable Solutions awarded a string of contracts for operators in the North Sea, Malaysia and Mexico

Receiving a string of global orders on the back of recent client feedback and project success is a huge endorsement for the team and the Cable Solutions brand. Firstly, we need to commend the team and support staff at Cable Solutions, each and every one of us is dedicated in their own right, and work seamlessly together as a strong and productive unit. As a team, our commitment is to deliver first-class project management, communication efficiency and lead time delivery in the top drive service loop market. Our industry-experienced team provide every client with the same high level of service, support and customer care. ...

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global top drive service loop orders

Top drive service loop orders in production for markets in the UK, Central and Eastern Europe, Malaysia and Mexico

Our extensive product knowledge, customer care and experience in the top drive service loop market have enabled us to build a global reputation amongst oil & gas operators. Our commitment to deliver project efficiency and lead time delivery in the top drive service loop market is second to none. Cable Solutions has an industry-experienced project management team dedicated to providing the highest level of service, support and ...

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service loop projects

Cable Solutions secures top drive service loop orders for offshore and land rig projects in the UK and across Europe

Despite facing the ongoing difficulties the Pandemic is creating, our continued commitment to the global top drive service loop market is being rewarded. Our product experience, cost efficiency, technical knowledge, customer care and team spirit has enabled us to grow our reputation and global sales. We’re very proud of our proactive approach to business and our ability to deliver on our contractual commitments ...

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Top drive service loop orders

Cable Solutions wins a string of orders for Top Drive Service Loops

Cable Solutions has received a string of orders from new and existing clients, including an order from a top drive motor manufacturer for the supply and delivery of various service loop specifications for an offshore rig, offshore platform and land rig. Orders received this month include an order from an existing Aberdeen client, where we were asked to supply 2 Top Drive Power Loops for a drilling platform based in the North Sea. Additionally, 3 Top Drive Power Loops were supplied to a new client in Eastern Europe, where they specifically ...

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Connectorised Top Drive Service Loops manufactured

Connectorised Top Drive Service Loops manufactured for client’s Land Rigs in Eastern Europe and the Far East

Despite facing uncertain times, our industry product experience, knowledge and customer care have enabled us to stay ahead of the game. Cable Solutions are respected worldwide for cost efficiency and lead time delivery in the top drive service loop market. Our pro-active approach and ability to have an industry-experienced team available for all your technical questions ...

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instrumentation loop

Instrumentation loop manufacture for TDX-1000 top drive motor

On the back of last month’s orders for aux, power, fluid service loops and the manufacture of a TDS4H power, control and fluid loop, we have been awarded the manufacture of a top drive instrumentation loop for a TDX-1000 top drive motor. This instrument loop was manufactured to OEM specifications and despatched for installation on our client’s Jack-up rig, currently operating in the North Sea ...

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loop covers, Kelly hose covers

Partner and exclusive global distributor for HPT products

Cable Solutions Worldwide has partnered with Hose Pro Textiles Inc. (HPT) for a complete line of top drive service loop covers, Kelly hose covers, and choke & kill hose covers. All HPT products are designed and manufactured in the USA with US-sourced materials specifically for your application. Cable Solutions Worldwide is your exclusive HPT distributor ...

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Addressing COVID-19

Addressing COVID-19

Like so many of you, Cable Solutions has spent recent weeks learning about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is impacting our business and our world. As part of the global supply chain, and in compliance with current Government guidelines on social distancing, Cable Solutions will remain open and operational. Cable Solutions staff that are able to work remotely have already made the transition, and feedback has shown that this has not impacted on our ability to operate successfully. The staff that is unable ...

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top drive service loop market

Building loyalty and trust in the top drive service loop market

Cable Solutions Worldwide has had a positive start to the month with a string of loop orders from new and existing clients around the world. We have been rewarded with several orders from repeat clients, a key indicator that our business strategy is both comprehensive and efficient. In general, companies can receive repeat business based ...

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